The Rivers


  • Drive time 10-45 minutes
  • Medium sized river, very wadeable late season
  • Rainbows and Browns to 23 inches
  • Insects: caddis, mayflies, and midges
  • Flies: Elk Hair Caddis, Adams, Hares’ Ear, and Prince Nymph
  • Floating line, medium weight rod
  • Intense evening insect activity
  • Drift boat fishing available


  • Drive time 1:15 hours
  • Small river, wadeable all season
  • Brown Trout to 20 inches in river
  • Insects: grasshoppers
  • Flies: Dave’s Hopper
  • Floating line, medium weight rod
  • Dry flies all day in the river


  • Drive time 0:00. Lodge is on the river!
  • Large river, boat access to fishing areas
  • Rainbows to 25 inches
  • Feed: Caddis, mayflies, and minnows
  • Flies: Adams, streamers, Hare’s Ear
  • Floating and sink-tip lines, heavy rod
  • Success within a variety of fishing styles

Secret Hopper River

  • Drive time 40 minutes
  • Small river, easy walking and fishing
  • Browns to 21 inches
  • Insects: Hoppers and mayflies
  • Flies: Dave's Hopper
  • Floating line, light or medium rod
  • Remote fishing experience

Lago Misterioso

  • Overnight stay in a wonderful cabin
  • Sight fishing to large browns
  • Both rainbows and browns in the lake
  • Dry flies preferred method
  • Other lake and stream options available

Emperador Guillermo

  • Small, wadeable stream
  • Remote/secret sections
  • Good place to rack-up the numbers
  • Dry flies are best
  • Browns and rainbows