Mountain Lake in Chile

Chile is a diverse land that stretches from parched deserts in the north to glacier carved fjords in the south. Bordered on the east by the majestic Andes and on the west by the Pacific Ocean, Chile offers the most spectacular travel experience in South America. Based out of Coyhaique, the heart of Chilean Patagonia, Southern Latitudes offers the traveling fly fisherman the best fishing and scenery that Chile has to offer. Southern Latitudes also takes its clients to other parts of Chile. Our adventure packages can include the Torres del Paine National Park and the incredible Atacama Desert, as well.

Chile is located on the southwest side of the continent of South America. It runs from 17 degrees S. latitude in the north to about 56 degrees S. latitude in the south, never getting more than about 100 miles wide at any point. Superimposed on the West Coast of North America it would reach from Ketchikan, Alaska to Acapulco, Mexico! Peru, Bolivia, and Argentina border Chile.

  • Language: Spanish
  • Population: 16 million
  • Currency: Peso (about 500 pesos=$1.00)
  • Government: Democracy
  • Exports: Copper, fish, lumber, wine, fruits and vegetables.
  • Interesting Facts: The Atacama Desert in northern Chile is the driest land mass in the world. Chile is the #1 producer of copper in the world and #2 in farm raised salmon. The Chilean economy is the strongest and most stable in Latin America. Easter Island, a Chilean territory, is 1500 miles from the nearest inhabited land making it the most isolated place on earth. 10% of all the active volcanoes on the planet are found in Chile. The Mapuche Indians of southern Chile were the last to be conquered in all of the Americas.